What’s All This Talk About Swimming?

Swimming is one of the few sports where you CAN: Build a strong foundation for a lifetime of physical health, acquire essential social skills, and achieve athletic excellence while having fun at the same time.

    • Swimming saves lives – drowning kills more than 175,000 children a year in Malaysia
    • Swimming develops strength and endurance – the most important key to physical fitness
    • Swimming builds character – teaches discipline, goal setting, and time management
    • Swimming prevents injuries – it’s the most injured-free of all sports
    • Swimming is an excellent physical therapy – for current and old injuries
    • Swimming uses all major muscle groups – no other sport does this
    • Swimming enhances flexibility and ensures a healthy lifestyle
    • Swimming is FUN – it opens the door to meet new people from around the world
    • Swimming is a sport that can last a lifetime – you can train and race well into your 80s
    • Swimming is the only life skill that brings fitness, fun and friends into your life!